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Palec (śródstopia) Płyty (proste)
Palec (śródstopia) Płyty (proste)

Palec (śródstopia) Płyty (proste)

Płytki palców (śródstopia) (proste) są wskazane do stosowania w naprawie urazów i rekonstrukcji złamań palców i kości śródstopia.

Finger (Metatarsal) Plates (Straight) Details

  • Material sensitivity documented or suspected.

  • Infection, osteoporosis or other diseases hindering healing up of bone.

  • Compromised vascularity that would inhibit adequate blood supply to the fracture or the operative site.

  • Patients having inadequate tissue coverage over the operative sit.

  • Abnormity of bone structure.

  • Local infection happens at operation area and local inflammation symptom appears.

  • Children.

  • Overweight.:An overweight or obese patient can produce loads on the plate which can lead to failure of the fixation of the device or to failure of the device itself.

  • Mental illness.

  • Patients unwilling to cooperate in after treatment.

  • Other medical or surgical condition which would preclude the potential benefit of surgery.

  • Patients having any other surgery contraindication.


Pure Titanium (The titanium is an ideal material for implant. )

Spec. (mm):

2-7 holes; 8-28 mm



Fited screw:

φ1.5mm cortical screw

All plate are made from Pure titanium material

All screws are made from titanium alloy material

Features & Benefits

*Easy to bend, with lower notch

*Anatomical design,accommodate with the bone shape

*Can be shaping during surgery

Why choose WALKMAN Metacarpal Plate system:

*Made of high quality pure titanium and first-rate equipment

*Advanced surface oxidation process ensure decent appearance and great resistance

*Little soft tissue irritation thanks to low-profile design, smooth surface and round edge

*Matching screws and other all instruments are available

*Valid official proof certification.such as CE, ISO13485

*Very competitive price and very quick delivery

Finger (śródstopia) Płyty (proste) Specyfikacja

 Finger (Metatarsal) Plates (Straight)

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Zamawianie informacji

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